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Our Routine Maintenance Services

At Texas Oil Express we offer a variety of services to extend the life and value of your vehicle. The selection of services include; Full Service Oil Changes, Texas Vehicle Inspections, Air Filters, Cabin Air Filters, Headlights and Light Bulbs, Transmission Services, Radiator Flushes, Differential Services, Power Steering Flushes, Fuel Injection Cleanings, Fuel Filter Services, Serpentine Belt Services and Wiper Blades.

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Full Service Oil Changes

When it comes to maintaining your car, the most popular words of wisdom are "change the oil regularly" and it's popular for good reason. Our Full Service Oil Changes are so much more than "just an oil change". More ...

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Texas Vehicle Inspection

All Texas registered vehicles are required to receive an annual inspection. All inspections include a comprehensive safety inspection; however, some vehicles are required to have an additional emissions test. More ...

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Air Filters and Cabin Air Filters

A dirty air filter resticts the airflow to your engine. This leads to poor acceleration, reduced engine performance and lastly, reduced fuel economy. Cabin air filters remove all kinds of pollen, dust, soot and odors that enter your vehicle. More ...

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Headlights and Light Bulbs

Burnt out and damaged headlights and light bulbs are a safety hazard to others on the road, as well as to yourself. It is a good idea to have any faulty headlights and light bulbs replaced. More ...

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Transmission Services

Transmission fluid lubricates all of the moving parts inside your transmission. If transmission fluid isn't changed, it will break down and become contaminated with worn metal shavings which will shorten the transmission's life. More ...

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Radiator Flushes

Anti-freeze/Coolant circulates through the engine absorbing the excess heat, preventing rust/corrosion from forming on internal parts and lubricates the water pump. More ...

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Power Steering Flushes

Power steering fluid lubricates all of the moving parts throughout the power steering system. This will prevent parts from wearing out and failing by removing metal debris which accumulates in the old fluid. More ...

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Differential Services

Differential fluid lubricates the gears, bearings and other internal components of the gearbox. It is important to have the differential fluid checked and changed at recommended intervals. More ...

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Fuel Injection Cleanings

Fuel Injection Cleaning process removes dirt and build up from the air intake system and fuel injectors. A clean fuel system will improve fuel economy, acceleration and performance. It will also eliminate hard starts, hesitation and stalling. More ...

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Fuel Filter Services

A fuel filter is an essential part of protecting your vehicle's engine from harmful contaminants. A dirty fuel filter will restrict the flow of fuel which leads to poor acceleration, reduced fuel economy and reduced engine performance. More ...

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Serpentine Belt Services

A serpentine belt transfers power from the engine to most of your major engine components. Over time, the rubber belt will become brittle and crack. If the belt breaks, you will be left stranded. More ...

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Wiper Blades

Over time the rubber in a wiper blade will dry out, become brittle and crack. All of this leads to reduced visiblility and can pose a serious safety hazard. About 90% of our driving decisions are based solely on what we see. More ...